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School Days Anime Series Review| Romance Anime Review

School Days Anime Series Review| Romance Anime Review

If you haven’t read my first thoughts on the School Days Anime, you should read that first because there is a vast difference in my initial impression of the show and my feelings on it now. And if you don’t want anything spoiled for you […]

How To Be Like Hinata Shoyo – Haikyu

How To Be Like Hinata Shoyo – Haikyu

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School Days First Thoughts| Episode One – Romance Anime Review

School Days First Thoughts| Episode One – Romance Anime Review


School Days AnimeMakoto-sees-Kotonoha-School-Days-Anime.gif

Air Date Jul 3, 2007
Genre Romance, Harem
Demo Shoujo, Seinen

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started watching School Days. When I know I’m going to review a show, I try not to look at any summaries or reviews before I give it a look for myself. I had no idea what to expect.

Plot Description

School Days’ first episode, Confession, begins as Makoto Itou rides the train to school with his crush, Kotonoha Katsura. He takes a picture of her with his phone (his shitty flip phone, I might add), and recalls the Cellphone Love Urban Legend.

 The Cellphone Love Urban Legend – If you take a picture of the person you like, make the picture the background on your phone, and no one finds out about it for three weeks, things will go well between you and that person.

He doesn’t believe in the urban legend (or so he says) nonetheless, he makes the picture of Kotonoha his background and that very day; Sekai Saionji (Makoto’s classmate) sees the picture on his phone. To make it worse – Sekai won’t leave him alone about it.

¡¡¡¡¡Spoiler Alert!!!!

Sekai realizes that she embarrassed Makoto by discovering his crush and makes it her mission to get Kotonoha and Makoto together. She convinces Makoto to go to the roof of the school with her so that she can tell him something important. At this point, he wants nothing to do with her. She’s annoying, nosey, and she knows his secret. Thinking this will get her off his back, he follows her to the roof.

She tells him of her plan to get him and his crush together. He wants her to leave it alone, but it’s too late because she’s already started working on it. She saw Kotonoha sitting alone in gym class, and befriended her so that she could collect information for Makoto. At this point, he can’t help but listen to everything Sekai says about Kotonoha. Sekai has his full attention. She takes advantage of it. On a side note: it’s almost as if she wants to stay in his life and now has a means to do so. This is suspicious to me. They haven’t known each other long, so why does she seem so intent on staying in his life?

When their meeting on the roof is complete, Sekai goes down to her locker and finds her friend Kiyoura Setsuna waiting for her. Kiyoura also seems to find their clandestine meeting on the roof suspicious and asks Sekai about it. The way she asks Sekai about the meeting makes me wonder more about Sekai. Why does Kiyoura seem to worry about Sekai?

Anyway, Sekai then organizes a meet up between Kotonoha and Makoto on the roof of the school. Makoto reluctantly agrees. From the furtive looks Kotonoha sends his way, it’s clear that Kotonoha has a thing for him too. She put a lot of thought and preparation into this meetup, showing up with a container of sandwiches that she made herself. They were gross but well, she tried. This meeting sparks a friendship that only deepens Makoto’s feelings for Kotohona. They begin to talk on the phone each night and become more at ease with each other. It’s cute. 

Eventually, he works up the courage to ask her out and she says yes – the perfect end to a perfect romance. But wait, there’s more. Sekai, who orchestrated this beautiful romance, has her own secret: she has a thing for Makoto! As Makoto is thanking her for setting him up with the girl of his dreams, she steals a kiss.

My Thoughts

Well, well, well… there are many things to like about this show. For starters, let’s give a round of applause for a complex main character: Makoto Itou.


Makoto Itou 

Makoto-Itou-School-Days-AnimeApparently, many girls in Makoto’s first-year class like him. This would normally spell disaster for the story – as most writers tend to make characters like him dull (think: Sword Art Online). But, he is flawed, insecure, and not too cool to make a girl feel liked. In one scene, his crush, Kotonoha, made terrible sandwiches for lunch, and he nearly choked himself to make her feel good about her cooking.


Most of his airtime is spent with Sekai Saionji and these moments are the most entertaining. She brings out the real Makoto because she challenges him. Without her, he wouldn’t have had the courage to speak to Kotonoha. He would’ve been content to just fantasize about her for all of eternity.

Don’t take that to mean he and Sekai have some wonderful, magical friendship. On the contrary, she brings out the true Makoto: good and bad. One moment stands out to me – the moment he thought Sekai told people about his crush on Kotonoha. He really overreacted. He practically threw Sekai up against a gate to get her to tell him whom she told.Makoto-throws-Sekai-in-to-gate-School-Days-Anime

This being the first episode, I don’t know a whole lot about him, but soon I’ll give a full character review.

Sekai Saionji

Sekai Saionji-School-Days-AnimeI believe Sekai will be my favorite character. Boy, is she interesting. Though she isn’t the main character, she received the most characterization and felt the most real to me. The little details about her make her stand out from the rest of the cast. For instance, she joined the Astronomy Club (a club with no members) and became the president so that she could have the club’s meeting place (the roof of the school) to herself. It makes me wonder why she thought of this in the first place. For what kind of secret things does she want to use the school’s roof? It’s also interesting how easily she puts on pretenses to meet her ends. To quote Makoto, “Pretending is bad.” There wouldn’t be any conflict if only she took his advice.

When she discovers that Makoto has a crush on Kotonoha she makes it her mission to get them together. However, in the end, we learn that she has a thing for Makoto. How long was she pretending to be the happy matchmaker? Why didn’t she come clean before Kotonoha and Makoto became an item? Drama!

The three remaining characters don’t get much attention.

Kotonoha Katsura


She’s the apple of Makoto’s eye and the prettiest girl in school. Before she met Sekai, she felt isolated because no one would talk to her. Oddly enough, Sekai is probably her only friend. It sucks that Sekai also has a thing for her boyfriend. This doesn’t look like it’ll end well.




Kiyoura Setsuna 

Setsuna-kiyoura-School-Days-AnimeSetsuna only said one line in the episode: “Sekai, what did you talk to Itou [Makoto] about?” Firstly, it seems a little creepy that Setsuna knew about Sekai’s clandestine meeting. But, most importantly, the way she asked the question made me more suspicious of Sekai. Does Sekai need to be watched? Does Setsuna have a reason to question Sekai’s motives? Though little is shown of Setsuna in this episode, I’m pretty sure she’ll be my second most favorite character.

Taisuke Sawanaga


Taisuke is a friend of Makoto. As of now, he’s your run of the mill young-boy-obsessed-with-sex character. More on him later.





Besides the characters, there is a lot to like about this show.

Best moments

Makoto and Sekai Passing Notes

A lot of Makoto and Sekai’s interactions happen in the classroom via passing notes. This ages the show a bit, as any modern show would use text messages. Come on, I can text without looking at the keyboard. Anyway, every scene with Sekai and Makoto exchanging notes is freaking hilarious. Sekai knows just how to get under his skin and make him reveal his true self.


Sekai kisses Makoto

The last scene is the best, and I usually hate love triangles. First of all, it was a super hot kiss. It was a fall in love kiss. I don’t remember the last time I was kissed like that. The most amazing thing about the kiss is the way it stirred up trouble. The kiss put the ball in Makoto’s court. He has to make a decision on how to move forward knowing that Sekai likes him. And honestly, I don’t even know if she likes him or if she just wants to stir up trouble.


Worst Moments

Well, there were no bad moments. I was either laughing or left stunned. It was fantastic.


I think Makoto will end up with Sekai. The Cellphone Love Urban Legend pretty much foreshadowed that he won’t end up with Kotonoha. In a way, it makes me feel sorry for Kotohona because of how isolated she felt at the beginning of this story. If Makoto ends up with Sekai, it means that the first high school friend and boyfriend Kotohona had will betrayed her. Though I don’t know her well enough to care about her as a character, it sucks to be betrayed especially considering she just stepped out of her shell.

Lingering Questions

What’s up with Sekai? Is she shady, or does she really have a thing for Makoto? If she has a thing for him, why?

Did Sekai always take the same train as Makoto or did she make that up just to get near him? From the little I know of her, she has no problem pretending in order to get her way. Could she be pretending to take the same train to steal a kiss?


The first episode was so enticing. I can’t wait to watch more. Because of that and everything else, School Days, earns a 5/5 rating on this first episode. Let see if it holds.


If you haven’t started watching this show, do it. It’s on Crunchyroll!

When you watch it, let us know what you think. Did it wow you or what? If you liked this review, share it with your friends because everyone could use more Anime in her life, amirite? And, subscribe to get anime reviews, recommendations, and anime character articles every week!

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