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10 Reasons to Watch Denki Gai

10 Reasons to Watch Denki Gai



Anime/manga lovers, beware of this series’ AWESOMENESS!



A coming-of-age comedy about manga-loving book store employees.The store clerks work at “Uma no Hone”. In this slice of life comedy, they live out their daily lives working at the store, personal life goals, love and friendship. It’s jammed packed with laughs, otaku culture and sexual innuendos. This Rom-com is a series worth watching.


10 Reasons to Watch Denki Gai


1. A Great Cast to Fall in Love With

Enjoy getting to know all of these manga loving, bookstore employees:

  • Hio-tan

Unlike the others, Hio-tan, doesn’t know lot about manga, but she has a desire to learn. She is known for her klutziness, beauty and overall girly personality. At first glance, she appears sweet and innocent, but as the story unfolds she discovers her like for porn manga and BL (boys love) manga. Hio-tan has a crush on Kantoku.

  • Sensei

Sensei is an aspiring manga author with a few published books under a her belt.  She is known for her great knowledge of manga, art and her overall lack of “girl power”. She dresses simply and is insecure because she “doesn’t know how to be a girl”.She works hard to become a manga star but when she gets overwhelmed she bursts into tears and can become childish.Sensei has a  crush on Umio.

  • Fu Girl

Fu Girl is a 16 year high school student working at the book store. She is known for her insane obsession with zombies. In fact, if she sees anyone that resembles a zombie she goes into “beast mode” and violently attack them. Although she is small and adorable, she is force to be reckoned with.

  • Kameko

Kameko is obsessed with taking pictures. She is typically quiet and keeps to herself. She is very shy and sticks to herself. She has really puffy hair and tries to avoid letting anyone see all of it.

  • Umio

Umio is the newest employee of Umanohone. He is typically level-headed and doesn’t get bothered by much. However he is far from “normal”, as he has an obsession with 2D girls. He even has a 2d girlfriend. Umio is obsessed with manga and anime games!

  • Kantoku aka Director

Kantoku is known for filming his co-workers and making weird videos about them and himself. He spends a lot of his time teasing his friends, especially Hio-tan, and putting them in awkward situations.

  • Sommelier

Sommelier is tall, masculine and reticent. He has read an insane amount of manga. He is so knowledgeable that all he has to do is look at a customer and will have manga recommendations ready. He has a crush on Fu Girl and will do anything for her.


2. Funny

Denki Gai is seriously funny. You will laugh when the characters parody other series. You will giggle when cute little Fu Girl goes “beast mode”. You will snicker when shocking and somewhat embarrassing confessions are made. You will crack up at every blush! This series is pure comedy gold!

3. Lighthearted Viewing

Denki Gai is not too deep. It’s just simple lighthearted fun. So, if you are tapped out on apocalypses,thrillers and scandalous dramas, take a break and watch Denki Gai.

4. It’s about Otakus (Anime/Manga lovers) for Otakus


Do you just LOVE anime/manga/games?! Then this is the series for you. Not only will you get to meet a lot of otaku characters here, you might also learn a thing or two like:

  • the art of the panty shot
  • how to find the best manga for you
  • erotic manga is alright
  • the lifestyle of a budding manga artist
  • how to love your 2d wife

In addition to learning, you get to enjoy all the inside jokes throughout the series. Denki Gai seems to be a parody of almost every style of manga/anime out there from shonen to hentai you wont be short on laughs here.

5. Its a little Dirty


Denki Gai is not afraid to “go there”. Although the scenes can be raunchy, you don’t end up feeling like a perv. Thanks to the light-hearted plot and animation, the semi erotic scenes are just plain funny.

6. Budding Romance- BUT NOT TOO MUCH

Throughout the series there are hints of love. Subtly and gently these character begin to develop relationships. However,  the series doesn’t overwhelm it’s viewers with  lovey dovey sentimental moments , so if rom-com isn’t your thing, you will still love the series.

7. Unique Animation Style

The artist doesn’t go for the typical style of animation. The style of the series is pretty quirky, making the character recognizable against other anime series out there. Plus the design has a bubbly feeling to it. It’s cute, bright and happy which translates well into the series.

8. Workplace Humor– tired of the high school narrative?

Yay! It’s not another typical high school narrative! I personally love when anime chooses to utilize adult characters, as I can relate more to that. This  series covers a lot of workplace issues that would make you laugh:

  • Quirky co-workers
  • Overtime woes
  • Romance in the workplace
  • Colleagues become friends
  • The hardships of being the “noob”
  • Passion for what you do
  • Office “parties”
  • Tedious tasks

9.The friends You Wished You had


The Denki Gai team is #goals! The bond developed between this group is deep. Watch them share stories, wisdom, laughs, cries and a few too many drinks with each other. It might inspire you to pick up the phone and go out for karaoke!

10. Denki Gai is Heartwarming

Even though Denki Gai is mostly a comedy, you cant deny the heartwarming elements. It highlights the power of the subtle moments that changes “like” into “love”, “co-workers” into “friendships” and “weakness” into “strength”.