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12 Reasons to Watch Rick and Morty

12 Reasons to Watch Rick and Morty

Here are 12 Reasons Rick and Morty need to be in your life!


Meet the mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty as they adventure through space and time together.

12 Reasons to Watch Rick and Morty

1. Do it For Rick


Rick is exactly what makes Rick and Morty awesome. He is this old, jaded, genius scientist looking for new worlds to explore. He has the type of personality that will make you love him and kinda hate him. He is an unapologetic, brutally honest, selfish, detached asshole that makes the world go round. You will enjoy watching him save the world, destroy it sometimes, then do it all over again like it’s nothing. ( check out How To Be Like Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty))


2. It Gets Dark


While this series is mostly a comedy, Rick and Morty has many dark moments. It’s not afraid to confront topics like death, heartbreak, depression and existential crisis. Rick and Morty not only manage to discuss heavy topics but it will make you laugh at it, too.


3. Great Voice Acting

The voice acting is awesome. The characters typically speak in a way that sounds improvised and more realistic to how humans speak. They stutter and stumble to get their words across. Plus, they speak in an overall more relaxed tone than most animation. The voice acting is just another factor that makes Rick and Morty unique.

4. For the Cool Universes

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Enjoy exploring the different universes on Rick and Morty.  They are weird and colorful. The beings are similar to humans in personality but are different in appearance. Each episode teleports us to different worlds where we can discover what life would be like in various situations.


5. Do it for Morty


Rick is out of this world and less relatable to the audience. This is where Morty comes in. Morty’s reactions to Rick and the crazy situations are our reactions. So it’s almost like we, the audience, get to experience what it would be like to live with Rick.

Morty isn’t just a sidekick though and he has his own merits as well. He is kind, moral, curious and fierce when necessary. Every once and a while, Morty takes the wheel and it’s just as fun. Oftentimes he is the voice of reason and he grounds Rick.


6. Mature Comedy


The older you get the more ridicules the world seems to be. We get disillusioned pretty fast when we learn that many of our heroes are actually scumbags and our parent are just grown up kids who don’t have all the answers. Animation tends to pretend this isn’t the case and so it’s hard to find cartoons for us. Rick and Morty didn’t forget about us.

Since Rick and Morty don’t attempt to make each episode for a family audience, the sky is the limit for mature comedy and situations. Expect to laugh at more adult themes like sex, marriage, divorce, racism, sexism, greed, poverty and first world problems.

7. It’s Unique

Even though Rick and Morty pulls a lot of its content from films and philosophies from the past, it manages to present them in such a unique way.  The series goes darker than most animation. Rick and Morty don’t shy away from taboo topics like religion or politics. They go to the craziest worlds/universes and it somehow makes the series more relatable. There just isn’t any animation out there like it.

8. For the Philosophy


Each episode is filled to the brim with philosophical messages. Rick and Morty make you think about life, whether or not it has to mean and how to manage the daily bullshit. All in all, Rick and Morty, appears to share the philosophy of existential nihilism: life has no intrinsic meaning and those who create meaning are simply afraid of death. So explore the messages of Rick and Morty. It will make you think, feel a little scared, then laugh at it all.



9. The Writing

The creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have put a lot of thought into the series.With its implementation of Sci-Fi, comedy, and absurdism a lot of depth is required. Rick and Morty don’t shy away from this and finds a way to pull it all together in a hilarious way. Which is why Rick and Morty get so much respect.

10. The Animation

The animation is original and well thought out. Each landscape is fully illustrated to emphasize its differences. The light colors seem to offset the overall dark nature of the series. The wacky character designs add to the comedy. The worn down buildings and overall flaws make it more relatable to our own world.

11. It Gets Sentimental


Although Rick and Morty is a comedy to its core, it has quite a few sentimental moments. Witness the familial bonds that continue to grow. Enjoy the many obstacles that Rick and Morty overcome together. As they get to know more about the world, they discover even more about themselves. The family rallies behind Rick and has their (mostly) unconditional love for him, despite his selfishness. Things are never perfect at all, in fact, a lot of the sentimental moments happen in chaotic situations.The message mainly boils down to this one fact: everything is going to shit and that’s ok… let enjoy the shit show together.



12. It’s Actually Inspiring

Although Rick and Morty has an overall dark view of life, you will actually be inspired by that. Rick and Morty don’t pretend the world is filled with rainbows and unicorns and everybody is happy. It doesn’t pretend life is always going to work out the way we want it to. Instead, they show the darkness and laugh at it. Whenever you feel like you are taking life a little too seriously, watch Rick and Morty and chill for a bit. Hey, we are ALL GOING TO DIE, so live a little.