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Month: January 2016

Anime Style Star: Himawari “XXXholic”

Anime Style Star: Himawari “XXXholic”

Prepare to feel like you suck after taking a look at the awesomeness that is Himawari- from the series XXXholic. Even though Himawari lived in modern times her style mostly represent the traditional Japanese style! Sit back in take in this work of art:   […]

Bubuki/Buranuki (BBK/BRNK) Episode 1 First thoughts.

Bubuki/Buranuki (BBK/BRNK) Episode 1 First thoughts.

Bubuki/Buranuki (BBK/BRNK) Episode 1 First thoughts. Originally aired: 09 JAN 2016 Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure   Spoiler-Free Synopsis The first episode of BBK/BRNK titled The Witch’s Son is about a set of twins, a boy and girl, who have inherited a magical gift from their […]

The Perfect Insider Season 1 Review

The Perfect Insider Season 1 Review


Plot (from Crunchyroll)

Based on the award-winning novel Subete ga F ni Naru by Hiroshi Mori, The Perfect Insider finds Sohei Saikawa, a member of the Saikawa Research Lab, and Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of his mentor, on vacation when they discover a corpse. The two then work together to solve the mysteries of what becomes a serial murder case. 


My Thoughts


This series had such a dark and yet vibrant energy! Each character challenged me with their own philosophies on life and death. In the end, I was able to draw my own conclusions. The murder mystery added its own level of intrigue and it had me re-watching episodes because I want to deduce the right answer first (and I was wrongish). Each episode planted subtle clues. By the time the series was over, I realized how every little detail mattered in the series and felt a great appreciation towards the writer for those little nuggets.

Dr. Magata was the superstar of the show! Her dark nature, boldness and free spirit was really highlighted. She almost seems unreal. What I learned from her is to not be so tied down by the material things of this world. I  relearned that I have the power to create my own world; even if its all in my mind. I relearned that happiness comes from with in and as long as I am here, I have everything that I need. (DISCLAIMER: Dr. Magata also has some crazy ass characteristics that I hope to NEVER  adopt! ) All in all, I felt an inner peace and joy which is odd coming out of a murder mystery????




This series is fantastic, however there are some things I cant look past. For example, I felt like rolling my eyes when the philosophical messages were pushed so hard… It just seemed like the writer needed EVERY MOMENT to have a significant meaning even if it slows the episode down too much. What’s worse, is that the message is being pushed so far that they cant stop to truly discuss the INCEST OR RAPE. Not only are the victim and perpetrator of this incest and rape not shocked by it, but neither are the detectives or bystanders effected at all by this news.  No one stops to say “WHAT WHAT THE F*CK? THE UNCLE RAPED HIS GENIUS NIECE AND GOT HER PREGNANT?????”  (Some people may wish to debate whether or not it was rape and I would like to direct you to a dictionary, this was rape and their needed to be more attention on this fact… idk)

Anyway, this series was a good one. I would totally recommend it to anyone who love drama, philosophy, mystery and “what the f*ck” moments.


I rate this a 4 out of 5

4_5 stars

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Anime Look-a-likes: Uta no Prince Sama vs. Dance with Devils

Anime Look-a-likes: Uta no Prince Sama vs. Dance with Devils

    So I just couldn’t help but notice how similar Ritsuka (Dance with Devils) and Haruka (Uta Prince no Sama) look! But that’s not all they have in common:     OMG Look at this madness!!!!!   Haruka – Uta no Prince Sama   […]