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8 Reasons to Watch Alice and Zoroku

8 Reasons to Watch Alice and Zoroku

Here are 8 Reasons to Watch Alice and Zoroku

8 Reasons to Alice and Zoroku

1. Good Plot


Plot: Sana,born and raised in a research facility called the “Laboratory,” and has the ability to materialize anything she can imagine. People with special powers like Sana have “Alice’s Dream”. She escapes the “Laboratory” to see the outside world. Other’s with “Alice’s Dream” attempt to take her back, but she narrowly escapes.Then, she meets Zoroku, a straightlaced 74 year old, and asks for his help. Watch as Sana learns more about who and what she truly is, with friends to help  her along the way.

2. Cute

The characters are drawn so sweetly. The outfits add to the adorability.  Just take a look.


3. The Magic

If you love series with magic, then you will love Alice and Zoroku.  In order for the magic to be effective, the mage will have to have enough energy from food. Other than that, they don’t appear to have any weaknesses. People with “Alice’s Dream” use it interesting and even strange ways. For example, Minnie C uses Alice’s Dream to materialize her late husband’s hairy arms to attack opponents. The magic varies based on the user and so we get to see a variety of magic.

4. Great Pacing

Each episode gradually unfolds the story, characters and obstacles.  While it doesn’t give too much away, it still packs each episode with information and hints. As a result, it doesn’t feel like I am watching one long cliff-hanger. At the same time, I am wanting to know more and more.  This could potentially backfire if all of this waiting leads to a mediocre end. 

5. Heartwarming


Alice and Zoroku have an interesting chemistry. Zoroku treats her like she is his grand daughter and has a strict but loving vibe about him. She learns about how loving families work because of him and it makes for plenty of heartwarming moments.

6. The Animation

The character designs are adorable.  The illustration of magic is clear. The animation manages to give the concrete jungle in Japan a whimsical feel. Alice and Zoroku simply has good animation.

7. Do it For Sana


Sana, the protagonist, is an interesting character to get to know. She is bold and innocent, so she struggles to understand the world and the people in it. Sana is the most powerful of them all, which is why she is also known as the Red Queen.  There is still many unknown things about the Red Queen at this point (ep 5), which only makes her seem all the more interesting. She has this unlimited potential to be great, dangerous or a savior.

8. Do it For Zoroku


Zoroku is this stubborn 74 year old that doesn’t take any mess. In fact he “doesn’t like that crooked stuff”. Zoroku is blunt and brutally honest.He is quick to put anyone in place, especially when they don’t respect their elders. Getting to know Zoroku is really fun. He seems to be the perfect counterpart to Sana. He has lived a long life and is far from innocent. He can impart wisdom , guidance and protection to Alice.


I hope you enjoyed my review of Alice and Zoroku!

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