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8 Reasons To Watch Kiss Him, Not Me

8 Reasons To Watch Kiss Him, Not Me

HAHAHAHA… Kiss Him, Not Me is too much fun. If you are late, like me, here are 8 reasons you need to catch up on Kiss Him, Not Me.

1. Stupid but Hilarious Plot:


When Kae Serinuma sees boys getting along with each other, she gets lost in her erotic fantasies. She is so obsessed with anime that after her favorite character dies, she loses her appetite and stays home sick over it. As a result, she loses a lot of weight. When she returns to school, four hot guys ask her out but she is oddly disatisfied because she would rather seem them date each other.

2. It’s Ridicules

Kiss Him, Not Me knows exactly what it is. It’s pure comedy, even more so than a romantic comedy. It’s not meant to be taken seriously at any moment so watch it with an open mind.

3. For Otakus


To all my anime-loving friends, look forward to all of the anime references used in this series. From JoJo’s Bizzare adventures to Attack On Titan, Kiss Him Not Me gives nods to the greats. Plus, it parodies a lot general anime cliches, from battle anime to shoujo romance anime.

4. BL Meets Otome

Kiss Him, Not Me covers a few of romance genres: Boy’s Love, Otome and RomCom. The blend between the 3 is perfection since Kiss Him, Not Me, mostly parodies these genres.

5. For Serumina

Our main character Kae Serinuma is comedy gold. She will have you laughing to tears everytime she is in fan-girl mode. She is so passionate about “boy’s love” anime, it is a sight to see. She mourns the death of fallen anime characters on an actual alter. She has 16 2D waifus. Serinuma will wait hours in line to buy new manga releases. Serinuma-senpai, please teach us your ways.

6. Sexy Men YASSSSSS

Look at this hotness!!! *nosebleeds

7. The Perfect Rival


Shima Nishina brings the fire to this otome. She is also a fujoshi (boy’s love fan), so she can relate to Kae more than the rest. She is passionate and direct, so it is great seeing the men compete with her.

8. The SHIPPING never ends

Through out this entire series you will be shipping everyone with everyone! It’s too much fun!

Here are some ships to enjoy:


Now go check out the awesome series for yourself!