One doesn't become a anime senpai over night


One does not simply become an “Anime Senpai” overnight.

Hi all,

I am ShyGirl, a late blooming anime nerd. I created this site to have an excuse to watch all of my favorite anime shows. I figure, I can connect with other otakus and be another loud “girl” voice in the community, plus, this could improve my writing. Win-Win-Win. Right?

On this blog you will find anime reviews, news and mantras. Anime isn’t just another T.V. Show its a WAY OF LIFE. (dramatic,but true).

My favorite anime genres are Shoujo, Comedy,Drama and Thriller. I like harem but only when its “reverse harem” (ladies do you feel me?). So you will probably find that most of my reviews will fit into those categories.

If you couldn’t tell already, this blog is still developing. Give me some time and I will give you the greatest ANIME OTAKU EXPERIENCE EVER.


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