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Anime Cute Star: Sagiri Izumi aka Eromanga Sensei

Anime Cute Star: Sagiri Izumi aka Eromanga Sensei

Even if you hate the Eromanga Sensei series (like I do), there is no denying the cuteness of this anime girl, Sagiri Izumi. If you are looking for your cute-anime-girl fix, then stop and enjoy Eromanga Sensei’s cute star, Sagiri.

Sagiri Izumi

Age 13 years old
Nicknames Eromanga Sensei
Genre Shoujo
Series Eromanga Sensei



The cuteness overload may entice you to watch the show. I do not advise this, but if the curiosity is killing you, watch Eromanga Sensei on Crunchyroll. Oh yea, I guess there may be some spoilers… so yea…

Spoiler Alert!!!

Without further ado, enjoy the cuteness.


Sagiri Izumi….just look at this face


Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (7)


Eromanga sensei is passionate about art, games and that otaku life!


Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (9)Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (6)

Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (21)

Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (10)


She is even cute when she is shy….


But most of all, Sagiri Izumi is cute when she is mad

Sagiri-izumi-mad-eromanga-sensei (10)Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (26)Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (27)Sagiri-izumi-cute-anime-girl-eromanga-sensei (22)



I hope you enjoyed viewing Sagiri Izumi for your cute girl fix. And, you can watch the show if you want, but you have been warned. If you do, let me know what think. Is there something I’m missing about this show.

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