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Eromanga Sensei: Is it Good or Nah?

Eromanga Sensei: Is it Good or Nah?

Eromanga Sensei has a lot of potential to piss me off. Here is my review of Eromanga Sensei.


Eromanga Sensei Anime

Air Date April 8, 2017
Genre Romance, Comedy
Demo Shonen




What is good about Eromanga Sensei?

There are some elements of Eromanga Sensei that I really like. Saragiri is an interesting character. Eromanga Sensei gives several nods to otakus and the culture. The animation is decent… and it’s cute.


Sagiri aka Eromanga Sensei









She is a shut-in, erotic artist, that gives her “brother” a lot of grief. Sagiri is ridiculously cute and tsundere. She speaks softly and is easily agitated. It’s somewhat adorable.


That Otaku Life

I usually really enjoy series that respects the otaku life. Masamune, the protagonist, is a professional manga writer, so we get to take a look into the life manga, writing, and art. Saragiri is a manga artist, video streamer, too.

and that is all I like about Eromanga Sensei.

What I hate about Eromanga Sensei

There are plenty of elements of Eromanga Sensei that frustrates me. It manages to be so taboo and mediocre at the same time. The incest is my number one problem.Then there is this mediocre protagonist. The not so subtle harem. The plot is also kind of weak. Plus, the series has so much fan service, it reaks of desperation.

Incest… but not really

Eromanga Sensei tries to make that incest not-so-bad because they are not blood-related. But it fails miserably at that since Masamune is so OBSESSED with his 10-year-old step-sister. He is solely attracted to her looks which make it more frustrating. Plus, he hasn’t had much time to get to know her since she spends 99% of her time locked away in her room… so why? Where did all of these feelings come from? Are we supposed to just accept it because he says so?Why should we, the audience, accept this? Not only is it a special kind of incest, it is also unfounded. wtf???

Masamune is the Copy/Paste Protagonist


Masamune brings absolutely nothing to the table. He is boring and basic. He works on his manga to pay the bills and appears to have no passion… except towards his little sister. I am struggling to share more about him because he is so empty.  I could say that he is kind and sweet to his little sister, but that is only to get in her pants.

The Developing Harem



Masamune is so boring… I just can’t.


Too Much Fan Service


Eromanga sensei, really wants viewers, so it crams all the fanservice into each episode with no rhyme or reason. It has all the fanservice tropes you can think of along with plenty of the “ew pervert” moments. sigh.

The Plot

Meet Masamune, a boring guy who creates manga. He discovers that the person who has been illustrating the art for his books has been his shut-in sister, Saragiri all along! Here is his chance to finally get into his sisters pants. Oh yeah, and there are other cute girls, too, for fanservice to get all the teen boy dicks hard.

yup… that about sums it up



I don’t really like this series. That is all I have to say.



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