One doesn't become a anime senpai over night

How to Be Like Sebastian From Black Butler

How to Be Like Sebastian From Black Butler

Have you watched The Black Butler and wished you could be just like Sebastian? Who hasn’t? This is not an easy task. So if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to get you going.


How to Be Like Sebastian From Black Butler


1. Develop Poise

Sebastian is simple elegant. He has such poise in almost every situation. So begin the challenging journey of developing poise now so that you will eventually reach his level.

  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Stop and take deep breaths
  • Become a skilled conversationalist
  • Educate yourself on various topics


2. Become an Able Chef and Connoisser


Sebastian knows his way around the kitchen. Not only does he make full course meals, he makes them easy on the eyes and delicious to taste. Plus, he will brew you the perfect tea to accompany your meal. Get into the kitchen and begin practicing the art of cooking.

  • Invite your friend over to taste your creations
  • Be daring! Try to cook one new meal each week. If that’s too overwhelming try once a month!


3. Always be Presentable


The Black Butler takes great pride in his appearance. Even after battling a strong demonic opponent, he will lament his damaged tail coat before he bemoans his own wounds.

  • Prep your clothes the night before
  • Have portable stain removers on you
  • Check yourself in the mirror often- to guarantee that you still look your best


4. Pay Attention to Details

Black Butler’s Sebastian never leaves anything to chance. Every wrinkle is straighten. Every stain, cleaned. Every tasked is thoroughly planned and executed.

  • Finish what you start IMMEDIATELY- this ensures that you don’t make petty mistakes or leave things undone.
  • Take your time
  • Review your work.
  • Review it again


5. Remain Humble

Even though Sebastian is basically PERFECT, he never lets it get to his head. He views his accomplishments as part of job of being a butler.

  • Don’t take all the credit
  • Compliment others
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Listen more than you talk



6. No Need to Rush

Sebastian is confident. It shows itself clearing in the way that he goes about his day. He moves slowly so everything seems to have a beautiful flow to it.  When under pressure, people to speed up more and end up making more mistakes as a result.  So take your time.


7. Think Big Picture


Even though Sebastian is busy with numerous domestic and demonic tasks, he never loses sight of his overall goal: to devour Ciel’s soul. Therefore everything he does is in effort to make Ciel’s soul darker so that it is even more tasty in the end.

  • Have a purpose
  • Use your goal of becoming like Sebastian to service that overall purpose
  • Write plan of attack
  • Create measures of success


8. Don’t Let Them See You Sweat

Even when Sebastian has his back against the wall, he always maintains his elegance. When others are cross with him,he is never short on witty -but diplomatic- comebacks. So, when you are feeling under duress, don’t let it show. Wearing your heart  on your sleeve will just give your opponents the upper hand, so practice self control.


9.Speak Articulately

Sebastian speaks very proper Japanese (or English if you watched the dubbed version).  His vocabulary speaks to his intellect and charm. If you want to be more like Sebastian, upgrade your language skills. Browse through your dictionary or choose from the many vocabulary games online.



10. Get Fit


This ancient demon is able to do the impossible because he has the energy and strength to pull it off. So start a simple fitness regime to fit and healthy.


11. Fall in Love with Cats (especially black cats)


Sebastian loves cats. He is so obsessed with them that he will drop what he is doing, no matter how pressing, just to pet on of them. It’s his only quirk, but it really helps to humanize him a bit. So fall in love with cats. If this is taking it too far, then find a furry friend to appreciate.



In essence, the key to becoming more like Sebastian is to be PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT! Of course, this is impossible but come as close to it as possible. Accept the fact that you may have some limitations here. Also, start small. Try work on one or a few skills at a time. When you make mistakes, and you certainly will, don’t give up. One day you will be ONE HELL OF A HUMAN BEING.



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